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A Motion is a document you file with court requesting a court date to go before a judge to make a request. Using our simple process you can prepare your motion right from the comfort of your own home.


Many people make motions to; make the court aware of new information, set aside judgments, remove or reduce the percentage of a garnishment.

Often, individuals and companies are sued and fail to defend themselves for many reasons that include:

1. Not understanding that they have been served with a court document.

2. Not receiving any court documents and not knowing that they are being sued.

3. Embarrassment or the shame of having defaulted on a debt

Many judges stand by the philosophy that everyone deserves their day in court, so one shouldn’t be afraid to bring a motion to the court requesting an opportunity to explain yourself on this matter. If you didn’t receive or understand the court documents that were sent to you, you may request that the judge set aside the judgment against you, giving you the opportunity to file a Defence.

If you have a garnishment on your wages, which is causing you to endure financial hardship, a motion can give you the opportunity to go before a judge to discuss your financial situation and request a reduction in the size of the garnishment, or give you an opportunity to make a voluntary, reduced payment directly to the court.

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You can ask a judge to reduce a garnishment on your wages by making a Motion?

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