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Ontario Small Claims Court – Small Claims Court Forms

Here is an brief overview of the Small Claims Court process:

  • One party sues another by filing and serving a Plaintiffs Claim.
  • The other party who is sued (the Defendant) can then file a Defence (and Defendants Claim, if the Defendant believes that in-fact that the Plaintiff owes them money).
  • If a Defence is filed the Ontario Small Claims Court will send both parties a date to attend a “pre-trial settlement” conference.
  • If no settlement is reached at the “pre-trial settlement” conference the matter will proceed to trial.
  • If a judgment is awarded at trial, the successful party can then proceed to collect their money through court-administered enforcement remedies.

At any point during the process the parties can settle their matter and statistics have shown that most cases settle before making it to trial.

Easy Court offers a tool that helps you create your own Small Claims Court forms quickly and efficiently. Currently you can use EasyCourt to create the following Small Claims Court forms online:

Ontario Small Claims Court Plaintiffs Claim
Ontario Small Claims Court Defence
Ontario Small Claims Court Defendants Claim
Ontario Small Claims Court Motion
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You can mail your claim to the Small Claim Court and avoid going there altogether?

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No more taking time off work, driving to the court, paying for parking, pulling numbers and waiting in long lineups!

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Ontario Small Claims Court Plaintiff's Claims

Have you been wronged and don’t what to do?

Have you paid for a service you never received?

How to collect money from your debtors?

Does someone owe you money?

Are your receivables over 90 days?

Are you a contractor who didn’t get paid?

Did a contractor damage your property?

Did someone damage your vehicle?

Did your employer pay you fair severance upon termination?

Did some sell you a house that was a lemon?

Were you dissatisfied with your builder?

Did you buy a used car that is having Problems?

Has a tenant damaged your property?

Ontario Small Claims Court Defence

Ontario Small Claims Court Defence

What collection companies don’t want you to know?

Did someone get a judgment against but didn’t serve you?

Being sued by creditors? You have more options than you think.

Ontario Small Claims Court Motion

Having trouble serving your document?

Are your wages are being garnished?

Did someone get default judgment against you?

Is your bank account frozen?

*Prices quoted on this website do NOT include the “Small Claims Court filing fee” which is payable to the Minister of Finance at the time you file your documents. Click here for a list of the fees charged by the Small Claims Court.

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