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Let us help you prepare your Defence and Defendant's Claim, right from the comfort of your own home. You can avoid having to go to court to file your Defence and Defendant's claim by using our simple process.

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You can use our service to prepare your Defence or to prepare your Defence with a Defendant's Claim. This overview will provide you with useful information to help you determine which type of filing you want to make


If someone has sent you a Plaintiff's Claim, in layman's terms: you have been sued.

Regard such an occurrence as serious and immediately consider all options as the court affords a fixed window of time wherein you may file a Defence. Failing to file a Defence against a Plaintiff's Claim can result in a default judgment being entered against you, without further notice to you. You will end up owing money that is legally enforceable.

If you feel that you owe the money and have simply have experienced a problem fulfilling agreed upon monthly payments, you may admit all or part of the claim in your Defence and propose a repayment arrangement. When filing a Defence, you have an opportunity to explain your limitations and your side of the events to date.

To reiterate: not filing a Defence could result in the person or company that has sued you obtaining a judgment against you. Once they have a judgment they can attach liens to your assets like your house or car. They may also garnish your wages up to 20% your net earnings and apply a lien to you personal bank account. In addition the judgment will appear on your personal credit report which will damage your credit for no less than 6 years.

If they choose to garnish your wages the court documents will be sent to your employer and this is embarrassment that you can and should avoid.

After a Defence is filed, the court will set a date for all parties to attend a pre-trial settlement conference which is mediated by a judge or referee. Research shows that many cases are settled at this stage. This will give you a professional, controlled and open forum to discuss your side of the story.

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Defendant's Claim

If you believe that the person or company who sued you in fact owes you money or you believe another party has caused you to owe the money, please select the package that includes Defendant’s Claim. The Defendant's Claim option is the correct way to file a claim (sue) in the same action where you are named as Defendant.

A common mistake individuals and companies make when they are sued and believe the person or company who sued them in fact owes them money, is the filing a separate Plaintiff's Claim against the person or company who sued them. This is the wrong thing to do! This mistake will result in the court clerk issuing a new claim with a new claim number, causing a large and avoidable administrative burden to the courts. It results in an entirely separate action, file number and chain of court dates. Properly filing your Defendant's Claim with, and at the time you file your Defence saves you, and the court time and money.

By properly filing your Defendant's Claim, all documents will be assigned the same file number. The Claim and Defence and the related issues will be addressed together as one proceeding.

It is important to verify that the claim you have received was filed in the Small Claims Court prior to using our service, as our service only applies to Small Claims Court proceedings.

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Fast Fact:

Did you know that if you have been sued and did not file a Defence (for whatever reason) that the party who sued you can obtain a judgement against you. They can use the judgement to use court enforcement remedies to collect thier money. These remedies include a wage garnishment, freezing your bank account and placing a liens on your assets.

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