Wrongful dismissal Ontario small claims court

If you live in Ontario and your employer didn’t pay you severance upon termination. You can learn more about your labour rights and right to termination pay by visiting the Ontario Labour Board website.

If you have already determined how much you are owed and it is less than $25,000, you can use the Ontario Small Claims court as a means to begin the process of collecting your money. If you file a Plaintiff’s Claim in the Ontario Small Claims court then your former employer will have 20 days to file a defence. If your former employer files a defence, you will have to attend a Pre-Trial/settlement conference at the Ontario Small Claims court. This conference will be mediated by a judge, referee or deputy judge. Here you and your former employer can discuss the issues and many Ontario Small Claims court matters are actually settled at this stage. If you determine that you are going to represent yourself in your actions, you can use EasyCourt to create your Ontario Small Claims court Plaintiff’s claim and other required documents.

Did You Know

You can mail your claim to the Small Claim Court and avoid going there altogether?

Save Money

No more taking time off work, driving to the court, paying for parking, pulling numbers and waiting in long lineups!

*Prices quoted on this website do NOT include the ?Small Claims Court filing fee? which is payable to the Minister of Finance at the time you file your documents. Click here for a list of the fees charged by the Small Claims Court.

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