Ontario Small Claim Procedures

If you plan to use the Ontario Small Claims Court, you will want to familiarize yourself with the Ontario Small Claims Court rules and procedures. While you can use Easy Court to create your Ontario Small Claims Court documents, we are not able to give you legal advice or tell you how to proceed with your action.

If you would like to download the Small Claims Court Rules for the Ontario Small Claims Court, BC Small Claims Court or Alberta Small claims court, you can do so by visiting easycourt.ca, selecting a province and then clicking on the Resource centre.

Do have an address for the party you are suing in order to serve your Ontario Small Claims Court document? The Ontario Small Claims Court procedure surrounding the service of documents changed last year and where you used to be able to serve a document by regular mail, you now must service personally or by an alternate or substituted means of service. This is the type of useful information you may want to learn about before using the Ontario Small Claims Court.

Did You Know

You can mail your claim to the Small Claim Court and avoid going there altogether?

Save Money

No more taking time off work, driving to the court, paying for parking, pulling numbers and waiting in long lineups!

*Prices quoted on this website do NOT include the ?Small Claims Court filing fee? which is payable to the Minister of Finance at the time you file your documents. Click here for a list of the fees charged by the Small Claims Court.

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