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Once you have completed your purchase you will be routed into our online gateway and will be prompted to enter the information to prepare your case and create your documents. Please ensure that you have all of the information pertinent to your case ready as you will need it in order to prepare your documents.

Your purchase includes:

1. Civil Claim
2. Schedule A
3. Additional Parties (if required)
4. Affidavit of Service
5. Complete Instructions

***Packages do not include court filing fees which you must pay directly to the court – click here for the courts fee schedule.

***The Certificate of Service will be returned partially prepared as it is a document that must be sworn in front of a notary and you will have to manually complete the information.

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Civil Claim Package $ 39.99
H.S.T $ 5.20
Total $ 45.19


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Fast Fact:

Did you know that if you have been sued and did not file a Defense (for whatever reason) that the party who sued you can obtain a judgement against you. They can use the judgement to use court enforcement remedies to collect thier money. These remedies include a wage garnishment, freezing your bank account and placing a liens on your assets.

Save Money

No more taking time off work, driving to the court, paying for parking, pulling numbers and waiting in long lineups!

*Prices quoted on this website do NOT include the “Small Claims Court filing fee” which is payable to the Minister of Finance at the time you file your documents. Click here for a list of the fees charged by the Small Claims Court.

Disclaimer is a document preparation service. does not offer/provide or equate to legal advice. is not acting as your paralegal or lawyer and is not a substitute for the advice of a paralegal or lawyer. Our online tool simply guides you through the Small Claims Court Forms (in a simplified format) and assists you in preparing your court documents in a clear, correct and professional manner. does NOT select, draft, complete, compute or assist in the completion of your documents. YOU select and prepare your documents using the assistance of our easy process. If you think you need legal advice, or feel that you have complex legal issues that you cannot resolve on your own, we recommend that you hire a paralegal or lawyer. has references for AFFILIATE paralegals and lawyers capable of servicing your needs. Click here to arrange a consultation with a third party AFFILIATE paralegal or lawyer. For more details please reference our complete terms and conditions.